Fedor Emelianenko Named the Younger Brother Judas

Sovetsky Sport published an open letter from the famous Russian master of mixed martial arts - 41-year-old Fyodor Emelyanenko to his brother, 36-year-old Alexander.

This appeal of Fyodor Emelianenko was a kind of response to Alexander to his past interview given to the same publication three days ago.

In that frank conversation with the journalists of “Soviet Sport”, Emelianenko Jr. spoke about his difficult relationship with his brother and “toadies” among his closest associates. In particular, Alexander drew attention to the promoter - Vadim Finkelstein.

In a letter, Fedor harshly commented on everything his brother had said earlier and stood up for his friends.

- Sneak is you, Judas. I personally apologized for you not one ten people. You can tell me what you want, I can stand it, but do not dare to insult my loved ones. In addition, you do not know my environment, and all those you know helped you and played an important role in your life. And you are not worth their little finger, so you are not in my environment.

And you are not worth their little finger, so you are not in my environment

- For you and your environment, I am not Fedya, but Fedor. Criticism towards Vadim Finkelstein is unfounded. Did Vadim earn on you? Rather lost. He paid your fees in Holland and Kislovodsk, also Vadim paid for your treatment. In addition, you could come to the restaurant "Flying Dutchman" with the company and leave without even paying. Vadim throughout the cooperation gave you good support!

Also in the letter, Emelianenko Sr. several times caught his brother in a lie. Fedor said that at a young age, Alexander had served his sentence in places not so remote.

- You hid from everyone that you went to prison for the first time at the age of 18. Explained his tattoos just a hobby. But there are more than a dozen photos with cellmates, and the room is clearly not like a tattoo parlor. During this period, my close people helped you a lot, but you broke off all relations with them and doused them with mud after you left prison. “It's disgusting, it's bad to talk about people who supported you and sincerely worried about you,” said Fedor Emelyanenko.

“It's disgusting, it's bad to talk about people who supported you and sincerely worried about you,” said Fedor Emelyanenko

Earlier, the youngest of the Emelianenko brothers stated that in a certain sense Fedor was guilty of his defeat by the eminent Croatian fighter Mirko Filipovich in 2004. Allegedly, Alexander went to a fight with a stronger rival, so that later his older brother would have the opportunity to defend his belt in a fight with Filipovic. However, Fedor revealed the true reasons for the defeat of Alexander, noting that he himself and his brother’s trainer strongly discouraged him from this fight.

- Nobody forced you to go out to fight with Krokop (Nickname Filipovich. - Comm. Life). Not enough attention was paid to training, the sport mode was regularly violated. I have repeatedly searched for you in the bars and found for drinking alcoholic beverages, - said Fedor. - You say everywhere that you are a master of sports in judo, but this is not true. You're lying to everyone. The title of "master of sports" you received only after prison; and sambo, not judo.

Also Fedor in an interview with his brother clearly stung his story about the love of the Bible.

- How can you say that you are a Christian and read the Bible, but at the same time you tell vulgar jokes and attribute them to me. Do not you dare to speak bad things on my behalf and tell vulgar stories that offend people.

At the end of the letter, Fyodor asked his brother for help, which, in his opinion, he could really master.

- In one of the interviews you said that you can help me. But I don’t understand how you, the newly released and constantly violating the regime, can help. Is that only one - do not disgrace the name of my parents and mine!

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