10 win-win poses for male photography

  1. Photo standing
  2. Leaning against the vertical
  3. Asymmetrical posture
  4. At work
  5. Sitting at the table
  6. Dominating
  7. Sitting on the ground
  8. With hands
  9. Based on vertical
  10. Close-up

It is no secret that men are usually harder to relax. Especially in front of the camera. In the pictures, men often either stand at attention, or, on the contrary, playfully relaxed, which gives even more tightness.

In order to become more photogenic, it is not at all necessary to strain all muscles or make a brutal look. Enough to look confident.

To do this, take a natural posture with a calm facial expression. Even if you smile, the smile should not be tense. Sometimes it is enough to smile only with eyes.

A couple more tricks:

  1. To emphasize the masculinity of the figure, the shoulders should be turned to the camera, and the thighs, on the contrary, slightly turned away (talking about a few degrees, wasp waist is not your goal).
  2. For a more confident look, it must be directed in the same direction as the face.

Photo standing

Full face

Take a “closed” pose with arms folded across your chest. She will give you confidence. Just do not forget about posture: the shoulders should be straightened, and the stomach retracted. The pose is good for both portrait and full-length shooting.

Gladkov / Depositphotos Gladkov / Depositphotos.com

Leaning against the vertical

Side or back lean, for example, against a wall. Hands can be folded on the chest or put in pockets. It is not necessary to look at the lens, you can turn your head to the side.

feedough / Depositphotos feedough / Depositphotos.com

Asymmetrical posture

Standing facing or half-turned towards the camera, move your body weight on one leg. Second, either set aside or cross with the first. Hands can be removed in pockets or folded on the chest.

Manowar1973 / Depositphotos Manowar1973 / Depositphotos.com

At work

Sitting on the table

Maybe this does not comply with the rules of etiquette, but it often looks good. Of course, you should not climb on the table with your legs - just sit down on the edge. Hands folded on the chest, put it in your pockets, or put them on the countertop.

shock / Depositphotos .shock / Depositphotos.com

Sitting at the table

You can slightly move forward or turn around. Put your hands in front of you or touch one chin. If there is an additional item in the photo, pay attention to it - it will be more natural.

Lenets_Tatsiana / Depositphotos Lenets_Tatsiana / Depositphotos.com


Freely sitting in a chair, put one foot on the other. The hand can be put on the armrest, on the knee, or brought to the chin. Just do not support the head.

furtaev / Depositphotos furtaev / Depositphotos.com

Sitting on the ground

Without support

Sit slightly leaning forward. But do not bend the arc - straighten your shoulders. You can put your legs in front of you, and put your hands on your knees. You can cross your legs with your hands in the center.

photo_oles /Depositphotos photo_oles /Depositphotos.com

With hands

Cross your legs. Lean one hand, put the other on a raised knee. Even more natural posture - based on both hands. This position looks great, if you choose the right angle.

depositedhar / Depositphotos depositedhar / Depositphotos.com

Based on vertical

Lean against a wall or tree. Stretch the leg closest to the camera and bend the other one in the knee with your hand on it. Or cross your legs in front of you. Relax your back with a support, but do not spread.

Wavebreakmedia / Depositphotos Wavebreakmedia / Depositphotos.com


This is the simplest, posture can be any.

Take lots of pictures from different angles, with different emotions. If portrait full face, look in the lens. If the head is turned, look away. You can tilt your head slightly. You can bring to the face of the hand. Smile or make a serious face - just do not replay.

Be sure to try to translate the photo in b / w - almost certainly it will turn out cool.

curaphotography / Depositphotos curaphotography / Depositphotos.com

Of course, these are not strict rules. But, following these tips, you can find 2-3 good angles. Then in front of the camera you will feel more confident and be able to experiment in search of more interesting pictures.